How to Invest in Business Loans in 2023

How to invest in business loans

Investing in business loans is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. Rather than the traditional methods of investing through bonds, stocks, or real estate, you can earn substantial returns by investing in business loans.

Investing in business loans through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms can be an exciting and potentially profitable venture. But like any other investment, it has its own risk, and it is necessary to understand how it works. Here’s a step-by-step guide on investing in business loans through P2P investment platforms.

1. Understand Peer-to-Peer investing

The first step in succeeding in P2P investing is understanding what it is and how it works. P2P lending platforms came into existence several years ago as a way for individuals to lend and borrow money without a traditional bank acting as a middleman.

On these platforms, you lend money to individuals or small businesses in return for the promise of interest payments on the money you have lent.

2. Choose an investment strategy

You need to decide on the most suitable investment strategy. Most platforms will allow you to either manually choose the loans you want to invest in or automate the process based on your risk tolerance.

More risk means higher potential returns, but also a higher chance of borrowers defaulting on their loans. When deciding on your investment strategy, you should also take into account the

3. Select a P2B investment platform

Ensure to research well on a plethora of platforms available for P2P investing. Check on their credibility, customer reviews, interest rates, default rates, etc. Look for platforms that are straightforward, user-friendly, and offer good returns, while simultaneously considering the risk involved. One of the most popular P2B lending platforms in Europe is Debitum.

Once you have chosen your ideal platform, sign up and create your account. Ensure to provide the necessary identification documents for verification purposes. You should also set your account for automatic drafts to fund your investment account.

4. Start investing

Before you can start investing, you need to fund your account. You can usually do this through a bank transfer, and the minimum required to start can range from €10 to €100 depending on the platform. Debitum has a low minimum investment of €10.

After funding your account, it’s time to start investing. If you chose the manual route, you would handpick each loan you want to invest in. If you choose the automated route, you can set the parameters of the loan (such as loan term, interest rate, and loan grade) and let the platform’s algorithm do the rest.

5. Diversify your investments

To reduce your risk, it is suggested to diversify your investments across numerous loans instead of investing a big chunk of money in a single loan. This way, if a borrower defaults on their loan, you won’t lose a major portion of your investment.

6. Monitor your investments

Keep a close watch on your investments to understand how they perform. Monitor repayments from borrowers, default rates, and other noteworthy points. P2P platforms provide dashboards to monitor your investments and display important notifications.

7. Reinvest returns

As you start receiving payments on your original investments, consider reinvesting the returns into additional loans, thus leading to the creation of a compounding return effect.

8. Understand tax implications

It’s important to understand that the income generated through P2P lending is taxable. Consult with a tax consultant or a professional to understand how to report this on your annual tax returns in your country. Many business loan investment platforms like Debitum make it possible to generate a tax report that makes it easy to do your taxes.


Before investing in business loans through a P2P investment platform, it is important to understand how P2P lending works, select a great strategy for your needs and choose a great platform. You should also always monitor your investments and it can also be a good idea to reinvest your return to accelerate compound interest.

One of the best P2P lending platforms for business loans is Debitum. Sign up and create an account by clicking the link below: