Top 5 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms in Spain 2023

If you’re a Spanish investor interested in P2P lending, we’ve compiled a list of the top platforms for investing in peer-to-peer lending in Spain. These platforms are currently among the best options available:

Best local platforms for peer-to-peer lending in Spain

In Spain, there is a diverse selection of P2P lending platforms that cater to various financing needs such as small business loans, personal debt, and real estate investments. Some of the most notable P2P lending platforms in Spain include:

  • MytripleA
  • Zank
  • Inversa
  • Crealsa
  • Socilen
  • Emprestamo
  • Microwd

History of peer-to-peer lending in Spain

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending began to gain traction in Spain around 2009-2010, as the country faced a severe economic crisis, and banks tightened their lending policies. The traditional banking system had led to credit restrictions for individuals and small businesses, driving the need for alternative financing sources. This situation sparked the interest of entrepreneurs and investors in the P2P lending model as a viable solution to fill the funding gap.

The early years of P2P lending in Spain were marked by the emergence of various platforms, such as Zank, MytripleA, and LoanBook Emprestamo, which focused on different segments like consumer lending, business lending, and invoice financing. The P2P lending sector in Spain has evolved over the years, with new platforms entering the market, offering more diverse services and investment opportunities. The sector has also experienced a considerable increase in the volume of loans originating through these platforms.

The growth of P2P lending in Spain has been steady over the years. This growth can be attributed to factors such as the rise of fintech adoption, increased trust in alternative finance, and the continued need for funding among SMEs and individuals.

The Spanish P2P lending market still has room for development and expansion compared to other European countries like Germany and France, which have more mature markets. In comparison to neighboring countries, Spain’s P2P lending market is relatively small.

Best European platforms for P2P lending in Spain

To find the most suitable P2P lending platform in Spain, it is important to consider the fees and potential returns. The following platforms are popular among Spanish investors:

  • Lendermarket: This platform offers a user-friendly experience with low fees and a range of high-return P2P lending options.
  • Esketit: Focused on short-term loans, Esketit provides investors with opportunities to invest in projects with great potential returns.
  • Reinvest24: This platform offers crowdfunding opportunities throughout Europe, with a focus on equity investments in real estate projects.
  • AxiaFunder: As a litigation crowdfunding platform, AxiaFunder is ideal for Spanish investors who are interested in investing in lawsuits.
  • PeerBerry: This platform provides investors with personal, business, and real estate loan options, as well as a buyback guarantee.

Each platform offers different benefits for investors seeking P2P lending options in Spain. Conducting research on each platform will allow investors to choose the option that best suits their financial goals.

FAQ about P2P lending for Spanish investors:

In Spain, using foreign platforms for P2P lending comes with several benefits. Firstly, it provides lenders with access to a larger pool of potential borrowers and a wider range of investment opportunities. Moreover, foreign platforms often offer more competitive rates and terms than domestic lenders. By opting for European P2P lending platforms, investors can tap into a diverse and international investor base, which can enhance the liquidity of investments and reduce the risk associated with certain investments.

Utilizing a P2P lending platform that operates locally in Spain offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows for easier access to Spanish borrowers and lenders, which is particularly beneficial if you wish to support your local community. Furthermore, local platforms can offer more personalized services to Spanish borrowers who are familiar with the local market, taxes, and regulations. Another advantage of using a local platform is the potential cost savings associated with transferring funds from foreign lenders, as this can reduce the expenses incurred due to exchange rate conversions. However, this will depend on the currency in which you wish to invest.